If you want to enhance the appearance of your backyard, then adding water features can add excitement and detail to your home’s landscaping. Here are a few water feature ideas you can use right away.

Most water features can be built within a few days, and supplies and materials are easily available because they are sold at various gardening centers and home improvement stores. Sure, it takes a bit of work to add water features, but even the most novice landscapers should be able to do it. With that said, here are four features you should add to your yard.

Ponds as Water Feature Ideas

Ponds are extremely popular water feature ideas, but you’ll want to place your pond in an area that gets sunlight for at least 4-6 hours per day. If a pond receives too much sunlight, then algae problems may arise. We recommend using a pond insert. This will serve as the foundation for your pond.

After you add water supply equipment, you’ll want to add some stones and rocks. Make sure you add some water plants to the pond because they will make it look even better. Consider adding fish to the pond because they make a great addition. Plus, fish can prevent certain insects from breeding in your pond.

If you have an existing pond, then add a fountain. Fountain heads can be placed in shallow water and the water can be sprayed in different designs and patterns. Flowing water sounds relaxing, which is why you should add a fountain to your pond.

Also, feel free to add a few fountain lights. Lights can add even more beauty to your fountains, especially at night. Choose color lenses because this give your fountains a unique look.


Set up a waterfall in your backyard and watch how completely different it looks. The size of the waterfall you choose will depend on how large your garden or yard is. If you want to create amazing visual effects, then use both larger and small rocks that vary in color.

In order to build a waterfall you need a water pump, re-circulating pipes and a filter. Installing a waterfall can be a bit of a challenge because the water needs a tight path to follow. However, if your waterfall is set up properly, then you can expect a smoothly run operation.

water feature ideas

Bird Baths

Another good feature is a bird bath, which is very easy to build and design. Various materials can be used to make it. One of the best things about bird baths is they attract wildlife, especially native birds.

Popular choices for material are concrete and stone. If you live in an area that gets cold weather, then install a bird bath heater. This will keep the temperature of the water the chance to drink the water, which comes in handy if other sources of water is frozen.

Water features create a relaxing and inviting environment. Best of all, there are so many water feature ideas out there, so finding the perfect one that will suit your yard should be easy. If you want to make your garden or backyard unique and you want to have a place you enjoy relaxing at on a daily basis, then think about water features for your home. If you have always wanted to make your yard more appealing or add a bit of drama to it, then design and install a few water features as soon as possible.

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