If you live in Colorado Springs, then you certainly remember the Spring storm that blew through last March. There’s no doubt that it left leaves, sticks and or even some of your neighbors items on your garden.

Not to mention the leaves that did not get cleaned up or composted during fall and any other garbage that was blowing around during the winter storm. Well, after such occurrences, you’re left with a lot in your hands, but you have to prepare your garden for spring. Here are several helpful tips.



Clean Up

The first tip when it comes to preparing your yard for spring is to clean up the leftovers from winter. You will want to get in and around the bushes and trees, which tend to be trash and debris magnets.

Whether you have a small or large lawn, you can really benefit from purchasing motorized lawn products. Leaf vacuums that mulch the leaves always do a better job compared to rakes and plastic bags. Plus, they’re MUCH faster – saving you time. The same is true when you compare old push-type lawn mowers with new ones that are self-propelled.

These products are a great investment. They can save your energy and prevent pains and strains.

Prepare The Soil

After the cleanup, the next step is to prepare the soil. Rake and turn it over with a tiller or a shovel, and don’t forget to compost it.

The soil has been sitting under snow and cold for months and doing this will restore its health. By turning the soil over, you will be loosening it and allowing air to make its way in and around the lawn. We all know how important aeration can be for plants.


The perfect time to plant vegetables, fruits and flowers on your lawn completely depends on where you live in the U.S and the climate of that region. Avoid planting too early, as the plants may be killed by the frosty conditions.

Denver, for example, had its last spring freeze on 5th April 1977 and 8th June 2007. Over the last decade, the average has been 5th May. With this kind of information, you can able to plant your flowers safely between 5th May and the end of the month in Colorado Springs.

Also, before planting, it’s imperative to lay down some mulch in order to help keep moisture and nutrients. Mulching ideally gives pesky weeds a hard time growing. Avoid putting plastic liners below the mulch though. A heavy amount of mulch will be just good.


As you may have already seen above, mulching is an essential gardening technique. It is not only cheap but effective and attractive. Using organic mulch will substantially improve the quality of the soil and help conserve moisture, both of which are essential for proper plant growth.

We have also stated that mulching helps to eliminate weeds. With a thick mulch, you should be able to smother the pesky weeds, which eliminates them quite effectively. Just ensure that you do not mulch too close to the vegetation you want to keep. Too much mulch can easily stifle the plants, so, monitor their location and consider waiting for them to shoot first before doing this.

Weed Them Out

If you are a seasoned gardener, then you know how annoying weeds can be, particularly the perennials that shoot right after winter ends.

If you did not manage to eliminate the weeds before winter, this is the time to do so. Allow them to shoot first (so you can identify them as definite weeds) and then get a good grip and pull them off the ground, one by one.

Ensure that you check for ant loose seed heads and remove them too as they will soon germinate, giving you yet another hard time.

Remember not to throw them into the compost heap as this will just introduce weeds to every section in your garden after you compost.

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