artificial turf benefits

Artificial Turf Benefits

Many of the early versions of artificial turf were rather stiff and inflexible, so there’s no wonder early artificial grass installations weren’t especially popular. However, modern technology and advanced materials have led to many significant improvements of these products in terms for both appearance, longevity and behavior.

Artificial turf benefits have been growing rapidly without most folks knowing why.

Modern Artificial Turf Benefits

Today’s artificial turf lawns have the look and feel of natural ones. As a matter of fact, this tremendous growth of the artificial turf installation industry is also due to the large number of homeowners who have discovered artificial turf benefits vs. natural grass. If you are a homeowner who has had enough of the hassles and challenges of maintaining a backyard covered in natural grass, you may want to consider choosing an artificial lawn instead. Here are a few advantages of switching to artificial turf.

Artificial Turf Requires No Water

The most obvious benefit relates to protecting our planet and its natural resources. Since you don’t need to water your lawn, you’ll save a lot of water every year. Moreover, as you won’t need to spray your grass with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, you won’t buy any potentially harmful chemical to treat your lawn. Thanks to the reduction of the amount of water you use, and to not buying any harmful chemicals, you contribute to the well-being of our planet, while saving a nice chunk of money along the way.

No Maintenance – One Of The Best Artificial Turf Benefits

Synthetic lawn requires very little to no maintenance work. Any homeowner loves to hear that, as we are all sick and tired of having to spend hours caring for our lawn. Even not having to cut the grass every week is a blessing. The only maintenance work artificial turf requires is the regular brushing of the leaves, and of other accumulated debris. You can do this with a broom or make use of a water hose to clean the grass without too much effort. Most of the artificial grass products available today feature a porous backing that allows water to drain away. This means that artificial turf dries much faster than natural grass.

You can manage your artificial lawn products with as little as a few hours of work per year. This makes it particularly attractive to people who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands. Furthermore, it offers the beauty and the feel of the real thing, but with way less effort to maintain it. Artificial turf may help increasing the market value of your property, so it might be useful if you think about selling your house in the near future.

Artificial Grass Is Child And Pet-Friendly

Last but not least, synthetic grass is child and pet-friendly. Should a pet use it as their “toilet”, you can easily hose it off with water and perhaps a mild detergent to get rid of any trace of odor. Overall, artificial turf is an excellent alternative to grass your children and pets will surely enjoy. The installation of a turf lawn is fairly easy. An experienced team can do it over one or two days, depending on the surface area you want to cover. When properly installed, artificial grass will last for many decades, and will turn your backyard into a beautiful and easy to maintain paradise.