Artificial Turf Installer in Colorado Springs

As an experienced artificial turf installer in Colorado Springs, Four Seasons Landscaping is dedicated to providing the best experience for homeowners wishing for a green yard without the need for any type of upkeep – including watering, mowing and weeding. If you truly want a beautiful and maintenance-free green yard experience, then artificial turf may just be the answer to your problems in taking care of a lawn in Colorado Springs.

Artificial Turf

Colorado offers year round sunshine, which makes outdoor space valuable. But this space needs to be functional, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Due to Colorado Spring’s dry climate, maintaining a turf lawn can be difficult and expensive. Irrigation, mowing, watering, fertilization, weeding and more are required sometimes weekly in order to maintain a healthy attractive lawn. Artificial Turf can save you time and money while offering a beauty all year long.

Four Seasons Landscaping turf is safe for children, pets, friends, family and you. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t require any chemical treatments, like real grass may, in order to stay attractive. Astroturf or other nylon based grasses can be rough and abrasive, but our turf is made with polyethylene fiber which is softer and more comfortable. It also doesn’t absorb heat like stone, brick or pavement, which means you can walk barefoot on it in the summer too, although it won’t be as cool as natural grass.

Four Seasons Landscaping’s synthetic turf can be installed anyplace natural grass grows or in extreme areas where it is too cold or too dry for regular grass. It can even be installed on up to a 40 degree incline and is custom fit to the space. It takes under four days to get installed, in most cases. And if you hate bugs in your grass, you will love that those creepy critters tend to avoid the turf because there is nothing organic for them to consume.


Artificial Turf Putting Greens

For all you avid golfers out there – an artificial grass putting green just may be the answer to your prayers!

Since Colorado Springs is one of the sunniest places in the US and has mild year-round temperatures, golfers naturally want to be able to play or practice some golf whenever time permits. Four Seasons Landscaping can design and install an artificial grass putting green right in your own backyard! Give us a call today at (719) 338-7846 or use the convenient form to the right and we’ll show you how easy and affordable your own putting green can be!

The artificial turf process is similar to the landscape design process. We begin with a free assessment to review your objectives, answer questions and create a design that will best fit your needs for years to come. Four Seasons Landscaping’s turf is priced by the square footage and additional supplies will be discussed with you in order to provide the best experience.

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