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The Best Patio Surface for Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers a wonderful setting for patio surfaces that will allow for usable outdoor space year round. Outdoor entertaining areas, whether simply for your own family, or for guests you have over, patios help expand your space and can create more tranquility and function. The best patio surface for Colorado Springs will offer excellent durability as well as weather resistance.

Best Patio Surface for Colorado Springs: Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is ideal for flat, safe surfaces, such as needed for wheelchair access and walkways. Stamped concrete offers a high-end look with diverse options for patterns, colors and designs that seamlessly match any look, with a lower price than many other patio surface options.

Not only are there a variety of styles, but the shapes and size of the concrete can really fit any space. Many homeowners chose a stamped concrete patio because the look can be customized to match the surrounding landscape and home.

Flagstone Patio

Flagstone is a beautifully natural look that can include stairs. They are able to follow curves and make grades more usable, so are ideal for space that isn’t flat or straight, but where a patio is desired. It is a very durable material, and is perfect for xeriscape areas as it can allow for moss, grasses or stone to create a patio space that is elegant and formal or relaxed and informal.

It is ideal for Colorado because water is able to permeate the stone, rather than running off. Sandstone, limestone and slate in earthy hues create a truly natural appearance. To see the wide variety of options for flagstone, check out Pinterest’s pages and pages of concepts.

Best Patio Surface for Colorado Springs: Decorative Paver Patio

Decorative Paver

Free form decorative paver patios allow for great amounts of diversity in appearance in every type of space and shape. The patterns and textures are really endless. They can be used alone, or can be used in addition to other patio surfaces. Pavers have really been the patio surface of choice for many do-it-yourself patios, and sometimes, that shows. It is important that decorative paver patios are planned well for run off, design and stability.

Decorative pavers can create a look that is unique to homeowner, such as European styling or a whimsical garden. Consider how you want the space to feel, and it can be created with decorative pavers. These pavers can also be used to add a decorative area to flagstone or stamped concrete.

In addition to whatever patio you choose, you may also consider incorporating your favorite outdoor elements such as gardens, courtyards, fire pits or water features which can be incorporated for a one-of-a-kind look to meet your goals for the space.

Ready for a new patio or a patio that better meets your needs? Give us a call to learn more about your options and how we can help. More than just patios, we can help you design the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.