xeriscape colorado springs

Colorado Springs Xeriscape

Colorado Springs xeriscape has long been misunderstood with many people thinking it is simply rocks and cactus, but it is so much more than that. In fact, if done well, it doesn’t need to look much different than traditional landscaping. Xeriscape is a gardening concept that reduces water needs, and with water conservation being a hot topic, it is no wonder Colorado Springs homeowners are looking to xeriscape as their preferred landscaping option. “Xeriscape means ‘water conservation through creative landscaping.’ It is a registered trademark of the Denver Water Board of Denver, Colorado, an organization dedicated to water conservation.” SOURCE: Xeriscape Colorado True xeriscape is a water conserving system of low water usage plants, reduced lawns, hardscapes such as stone, sculptures, and walls, and effective irrigation. Colorful blooms and elaborate hardscapes should capture an onlooker’s attention and the thought of xeriscape shouldn’t be their first impression- beauty should.

Xeriscape Colorado Springs with a Comprehensive Plan

Soil type, slope and sun exposure in areas are taken into consideration when designing a xeriscape plan. Consider how the space will be used or the way it is desired to be used. Do you need a walkway? A patio? A fire pit? Outdoor cooking or entertainment space?

Why is Xeriscape Ideal for Colorado Springs?

Lawns are designed for recreational space, so make sure it fits your lifestyle. Do you have pets? What areas of your home get direct sunlight versus shaded areas? These questions can help determine how much lawn space you need and where. A comprehensive plan will allow the xeriscape to be both beautiful and functional. Colorado Springs has heavy clay soils that can benefit from products that will increase water absorption. A good xeriscape plan will put similar plants together based on needs of water and sun, to improve efficiency. Drip systems can be in place for beds, and retaining walls can help grading and slope concerns to allow for proper snow run off. Plants that tolerate dry conditions well are ideal for Colorado Springs’ climate. Mulching reduces water demand as well, which is ideal for Colorado Springs’ clay soil.

Maintaining Xeriscape Landscape

Weeding, mowing, pruning, watering, fertilization and aeration will help to maintain the xeriscape landscape area. If hardscapes and water features are included, cleaning and care, including making sure the irrigation is working properly, is best. Overall, xeriscape is lower maintenance that traditional landscaping and uses less fertilizers and/or pesticides, and the use of drip systems reduces water consumption by up to 60 percent compared to sprinkler systems.