fall landscaping ideas

Fall Landscaping Ideas

After summer, fall is the next most popular season for many reasons.

The days are still warm enough for comfort without being too hot. And nights are starting to cool off, making fall one of the most comfortable seasons to work in the garden or work on improving your home’s landscaping.

Fall can be a great time to try out some of the following easy fall landscaping ideas to help improve your home’s overall aesthetic beauty.


If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal this fall, you should consider adding flowers to your front yard. Flowers can make your home more appealing and welcoming with dashes of wild colors amid the greens of grass and trees. You might consider an assortment of perennials and annuals to keep your garden looking fresh all year round. Even better, if planted at the right time, these flowers would bloom around fall thus making the garden look beautiful.
Here are some great fall flowers you can try:

  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • English Daisies
  • Nemesia
  • Ornamental Kale

Screen Views

If you want to add a little depth or mystery to your fall landscape, you could plant small trees or shrubs that partially block views. With some added cover, it’s difficult to see the whole backyard from one spot. This technique can create the illusion that your garden or flowerbed is larger and deeper that it really is.
Talk to your local gardening store to find out the best shrubs and trees for your garden this fall.


Are you looking for a little privacy in your garden? Do you need a place where you can relax and enjoy a little sun before winter comes? Well, you should try planting short evergreens around the edges of your garden. That way, you’re guaranteed a lot of privacy, even if your neighbors can see into your backyard.
Even better, short evergreens can provide a magnificent backdrop for other trees or plants in your garden to bring out their beautiful colors.

Repeating Plant Shapes

This is a little optical illusion and can help give a dull, flat back or front yard some visual interest
Your garden or yard will be outstanding this fall, if you try repeating plant shapes. To build an interesting theme in your yard or garden, start by planting plants with the same shapes repeatedly. For instance, you could try white pines with a column shape and other different shapes to bring out a good look for your garden.

Ground Covers

If you want your garden to look beautiful, you should consider getting rid of weeds and other overgrown plants. Then, you could create a carpet of color and texture by trying out plants that hug the ground for an amazing result.
If you can create a ceiling with fall leaves above the plants and a good blanket with colorful plants below, you can rest assured that your fall garden is going to look amazing.

Here are some suggestions for colorful ground cover plants.

  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Creeping Thyme
  • Red Creeping Sedum


For any garden to look amazing, there should be more than plants. You could try adding a short fence to improve the curb appeal of your home and help to add some depth to a short yard. Or, you could try structures such as a pergola, stone retaining wall or an arbor depending on your preferences. Of course, you should choose something that fits your budget and complements the rest of your garden.

Water Features

There is nothing that will bring out the magnificence of your fall garden more than a water feature. Even better, the soothing sounds of bubbling water will reduce traffic noise coming from the street, thus making your yard feel a little secluded. Since water has a few reflective qualities, you should consider planting colorful plants around your pond or waterfall. That way, you can create an amazing fall display for an amazing color impact.