Fall Lawn And Garden Care

A strong and healthy lawn for next spring will begin with the gardening efforts you apply right now in the fall. This is why getting your lawn and garden just right is so important. The tips you find here for Fall lawn and garden care,will slash the amount of effort you will apply next Spring and help to ensure a lush and beautiful lawn and a healthy, productive garden, worthy of your hard work.

A good solid lawn and garden in spring gets their start in the fall. This is why a fall lawn and garden care plan is crucial to success. These tips will have you cutting your work in the spring down and getting a better return of the lush green lawn and beautiful garden you’ve worked so hard on!

Rake the Leaves

Forget the leaf blower and break out the traditional rake. Not only are you reducing noise pollution and saving the environment, but getting that healthy exercise everyone’s talking about. Once all these wet soggy leaves fall lawn and garden care​are gone, your grass will breathe freely and enjoy unobstructed solar energy.

Change Mower Height

Mowing is still on the checklist, but your will want to reposition your mower blades to only snip the top 1/3 of the lawns tips. This increased length will reduce the amount of water your lawn will need by providing extra shade. Furthermore, this extra length and shade will provide a suitable blanket for the lawn and ensure it survives winter.

Using Less Water

The coming cold means growth is reduced so your grass will not need as much water. You can cut back on irrigation early Fall, then close down the sprinkler system before the first freeze.

Mowing Less

In the same way as reduced growth means less watering, you won’t need to mow the lawn as frequently in the coming months.


You will want to apply your first fertilizer to the lawn at the end of summer or the very beginning of fall. Then as fall comes to an end you will want to apply another layer of dormant fertilizer to keep your lawn supplied with nitrogen throughout the winter months.

An organic mulch is a good option as it will provide protection for the plants roots and improve soil quality allowing it to retain moisture and resist erosion. The important point is to use dry fertilizer materials, wet materials have a tendency to clump together and this will suffocate the lawn.


As time goes by and the lawn is used for recreation and relaxation it will need to be aerated. This will allow the water and fertilizer to reach deeper to the plant roots.


Make sure that all your gardening implements are properly winterized, this includes sharpening hand tools. If you have an irrigation system this would be a good time to begin winterizing it before any damage occurs.

Fertilizing the lawn I an important art of preparing it to survive the rigors of winter. Fertilizers allow your plants to retain a supply of nutrients and allows them to achieve a fuller and more beautiful growth in the spring.

Build Up Your Compost

All the garden productions like leaves, lawn clippings and any dead limbs or diseased trimmings can be added to your compost pile in preparation for the New Year. If you have not started one yet, you can find plenty of helpful pointers here.

Prune Dead Branches

While there are times and seasons for pruning, dead, diseased and infested branches and limbs on trees and shrubbery should be removed quickly. These can pose a potential danger to property, people and even the plants themselves.

So, there you have it. If you have successfully followed this 9-step plan to fall gardening you will greatly enhance your garden’s life and natural beauty come spring.

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