If your digging project damages a utility line:

  1. Stop work immediately.
  2. Do not attempt to repair the damaged line.
  3. If an injury has occurred, call 911 immediately.
  4. Call 448-4800 to inform us of the damage, and we will dispatch the proper crew to repair the damaged line.
  5. Call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 800-922-1987 to inform them of the damage – have your original locate request ticket number available.
  6. Wait for proper crews to make repairs, they will inform you when you can continue your project.

 Safety Around Electricity

  •  Assume all electric lines are energized.
  • Never touch any utility wire and do not touch anyone who is in contact with an electric wire.
  • Never enter substations.
  • Never disconnect or reconnect electric service lines.
  • If equipment comes in contact with an electric line:
    • Move the equipment away from the line if you can do so safely
    • Warn others to stay away; anyone on the ground who touches the equipment is in danger of being killed or injured
    • Stay on the equipment until an emergency responder indicates it is safe to get off
    • Jump clear without touching the ground and equipment at the same time if fire forces you off the equipment.
    • Hop away with both legs together

 Safety Around Natural Gas

If you hit a natural gas line

  • Stop
  • Leave the area and warn others
  • Call us at 448-4800
  • Remove ignition sources, such as cell phones and cigarettes
  • Do not shut off, squeeze or clamp the gas line
  • Do not bury the broken or damaged line
  • Do not return until the area is declared safe
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