Utilities Damage

Be Safe – Avoid Utilities Damage

Be safe when digging anywhere on your property to avoid utilities damage. It is possible that underground utilities may be just below the surface. Major utilities like water, sewer, gas and electric are most likely buried so far below the surface that you’ll never get close with a shovel, but some cable and telephone utilities can be just inches below the surface of your yard.

If You Damage a Utility Line

If your digging project damages a utility line:

  1. Stop work immediately.
  2. Do not attempt to repair the damaged line.
  3. If an injury has occurred, call 911 immediately.
  4. Call 448-4800 to inform us of the damage, and we will dispatch the proper crew to repair the damaged line.
  5. Call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 800-922-1987 to inform them of the damage – have your original locate request ticket number available.
  6. Wait for proper crews to make repairs, they will inform you when you can continue your project.

Safety Around Electricity

  • Assume all electric lines are energized.
  • Never touch any utility wire and do not touch anyone who is in contact with an electric wire.
  • Never enter substations.
  • Never disconnect or reconnect electric service lines.
  • If equipment comes in contact with an electric line:
    • Move the equipment away from the line if you can do so safely
    • Warn others to stay away; anyone on the ground who touches the equipment is in danger of being killed or injured
    • Stay on the equipment until an emergency responder indicates it is safe to get off
    • Jump clear without touching the ground and equipment at the same time if fire forces you off the equipment.
    • Hop away with both legs together

Safety Around Natural Gas

If you hit a natural gas line

  • Stop
  • Leave the area and warn others
  • Call us at 448-4800
  • Remove ignition sources, such as cell phones and cigarettes
  • Do not shut off, squeeze or clamp the gas line
  • Do not bury the broken or damaged line
  • Do not return until the area is declared safe
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