retaining wall benefits

Four Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a beautiful part of landscaping, adding a dramatic aesthetic to the overall appearance of a home. There are many benefits of retaining walls. However, they offer very helpful and even necessary purposes as well. If you have needed to create a more purposeful outdoor living space, a professionally crafted retaining wall can help.

Grading Support through Retaining Walls

Steep slopes on the property can make them unusable. A retaining wall can help sculpt the space and recapture and transform it into a functional yard. The use of a retaining wall can help to create flat surfaces for a patio, playset, putting green or more where highly sloped areas currently exist. Even lawn care can become easier. Like a remodel for the yard, retaining walls can truly transform your outdoor living area.

Erosion Control through Retaining Walls

Your home’s foundation is threatened by erosion especially if you are on a slope or sit below one. Rainwater will take the path of least resistance, and this can cut right through your soil, allowing for erosion of the very ground below your house and in your yard. The soil on your property should be tested to discover problem areas. If needed, drain spouts and backfill will be used to help manage water flow. You can control rainwater runoff direction and the resulting erosion with a retaining wall.

Increased Curb Appeal through Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be made of a variety of materials in diverse styles, shapes, textures and colors. This means a retaining wall can match the look of any home and homeowner tastes. As much as they help grading and slope to transform the space, they also add a tremendous amount of curb appeal. Improve your outdoor space with natural stone, timber blocks or even a raised garden for flowers or even vegetables. A retaining wall can add design and texture by taking straight lines and adding height and curve to make the yard more unique and appealing.

Use a Retaining Wall to Improve Outdoor Space

Incorporate specialized landscaping elements in an attractive way to improve your outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace or a water feature can be included in a retaining wall to create more function as well as a beautiful retreat. You can also use a retaining wall to repurpose the space and create seating for guests. Looking for a yard remodel? A retaining wall can help you repurpose your outdoor space, reduce soil erosion and improve its appearance. Contact us today for a landscape design to fill both your goals and dreams.