gardening as a hobby

Why Gardening Is a Hot Hobby

Gardening has become one of the hot hobbies in 2020 for a good reason. More people have turned to a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle. That’s because numerous studies have shown the many health benefits of switching to a plant based diet.

Fresh Vegetables Have Many Health Benefits

Health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, lowered risks of developing certain diseases such as diabetes or certain types of cancer. Plus, this eating lifestyle boosts the immune system, can be helpful for losing weight and people report feeling better. Growing your own food in a vegetarian garden is a great way to ensure that nothing toxic is used on your food. When you buy fruits and vegetables in a store, many of them, even organic ones, have contact with pesticides. Not only that, but the food can come in contact with other material such as animal waste that can cause health issues. Besides wanting to ensure that they grow the best food for their way of eating, many people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet want to do what’s best for nature.

Gardening Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Vegetarians and vegans as well as people who follow other types of diets want to reduce their carbon footprint. Processing and then shipping animals for food is a huge energy drain. Nature is often pushed back in order to make room for the needs of the animals that are used in the food supply chain. Soil is damaged from overcrowding animals and land is often cleared of trees to create places to hold animals. Even the transporting of vegetables can cause tons of carbon dioxide to be released every day. A better way to eat as well as reduce the carbon footprint is to create a garden to grow your own food. It’s not difficult to create a garden that’s good for you as well as helps lower your carbon footprint. To be successful with this type of garden, you’ll need to leave the soil as it is. When the soil is broken, it can mess up the natural balance.

Keep Those Nutrients!

Plus, it lets nutrients leach out. Instead, gardeners can follow a no-dig method such as by using straw bales or you can build a no-dig garden. This is done by using compost or the straw over your gardening area. To aerate the soil, you let earthworms do the work because they won’t damage the soil. Fertilize the soil naturally using nutrients provided by organic material. An issue that can sometimes crop up in any garden are the pests that can harm food or plants.

Organic Gardening – No Pesticides

To prevent this, use natural pesticides. These consist of food items that you can eat but pests don’t like. Among them are garlic or certain essential oils, such as peppermint mixed with water. By starting a garden hobby, you can introduce a wide variety of healthy vegetables and fruits to your diet as well as help to protect the planet.