Landscaping is categorized into softscaping and hardscaping. The latter refers to the inanimate (not alive) part of landscaping that consists of woodwork or masonry work. Just like the name suggests, hardscaping consists of hard materials such as concrete, stone, brick, metal or wood. A few examples of hardscape projects include wooden projects (fences, decks or arbors), patios (concrete, brick or flagstone), stone walkways, landscape steps and much more.

What Can Hardscaping Do For Any Home?

Outdoor living space

Have you always dreamed of having an outdoor living space? A place where you can relax with your family in the afternoons or enjoy reading a good book on a lazy Sunday? Well, thanks to hardscaping you can make this dream come true for you. Even better, you can always call your friends along for a brunch on any day of the week and spend it in your outdoor living space.

Dream barbecue pit

Nothing tastes better than barbecued meat from your own backyard. Regardless of whether you’re using a topnotch barbecue grill or anything from a local store, you can always enjoy barbecuing your meat from your own backyard. Enhance your barbecue pit and your get-togethers will never be the same again.


Bring out the majestic beauty of your home with an elegant walkway leading to the outstanding architecture of your home. Try out any antique concrete projects to complement your home’s exterior. You can try out a pattern that mimics the floors in your foyer for the best results.

Ornamental Gardens

Yes, you might have been growing your own ornamental garden in your backyard for a while now. However, it would look out of place if it wasn’t properly defined. To do so, add a few hardscape elements to improve the aesthetic appeal of the whole place. It’s also a good way to add some structure to the whole place.


Are you worried about neighbors peeping into your compound every chance they get? Do you hate the fact that the neighbor’s pets are always doing their business in your lawn? Well, you can always add a stone wall to the fence to get all the privacy you need. There is no need to get into battles over the perimeter with your neighbors when you can enjoy your own space with just a little hardscaping.


Although most kids love playing indoors with their video games and consoles, a little time outside wouldn’t hurt anybody. So, you should nudge them to enjoy the outdoors by creating a playspace using a little hardscape elements. You can try adding a huge chessboard to your lawn or any other elements that would improve the fun altogether.


Are you tired of spending your summer days indoors? Well, you can add some shade into your backyard and completely change the way you spend summer. You can always build a structure with a roof, add some furniture and make it a good place to spend a hot afternoon. If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs landscaper who can transform your home with some expert hardscaping ideas, why not give us a call at or use the handy contact form on the right? We love talking landscaping and building landscaping projects for our clients in the Pikes Peak region!