Can you use landscaping for improving your home resale value? Yes, you most definitely can. You will be able to attract more buyers by improving upon your property’s aesthetic appeal (curb appeal too). However, you need to settle on your reason for doing this in order for you to focus on the right stuff. Do you want to improve your property’s appearance before selling it off? Or do you or are you simply looking to create a more comfortable living environment?

increase home value through landscaping

By finding out the reason behind this home improvement project, you can be able to formulate a clear set of goals.

Improve Your Home’s Value In A Cost-Effective Manner

When it comes to selling a house, it’s important to start by thinking about how to improve on the value of the property, quickly and as cost-effective as possible. Landscaping is one of the first things that most homeowners consider, mostly because it’s one of the first things you see.

Landscaping involves modification of the natural look of a given outdoor space. To some people, landscaping is all about gardening. It may however, also involve the installation of structures such as walls. Or, maybe some definition of “landscaping” could mean an in-depth cleaning of a neglected property.

You need only think about how you want the space to look like. In this case, everything is all about you, including the process and design adopted to deliver the necessary results, as well as how you want things to be done. On the other hand, your personal preferences will have to take a back seat if you are looking to improve the value of the property. Instead, focusing on the needs and preferences of potential buyers is the priority.

At this point you will have to conduct some research, in addition to consulting with experts.

According to Bob Vila (, a good landscape design can increase a home’s value by as much as 20%

A 20% increase in property value may not seem to be much, but when translated into real numbers, this might mean a $50,000 increase to your $275,000 property. Not as insignificant as you initially thought right?

It is important to meticulously plan how to make the necessary modifications, given this substantial increase in value. To set yourself apart, you need to make objective decisions, so as to be able to earn that additional amount. When it comes to landscaping to raise your home’s value, follow the tips below.

Read up on Current Landscaping Trends

Fortunately, there is a sea of materials relating to this specific topic. Your main task is to read up on the processes and designs that best cater to you and the available space. Take time to consider timeless designs that have stood up to the test of time. Furthermore, as you do your research, be sure to consider the seasons.

Consider What Other Homeowners Are Doing

There’s a lot you can learn from other homeowners who have eye catching landscaping. You can study how they used landscaping to modify their homes’ appearance. Consider talking to such people. In most cases, landscapers and property owners are usually willing to talk about how they achieve their results.

Get Expert Help

Consult an experienced landscape company while keeping in mind the property value increase you are aiming for. A professional is a must, especially if you’re not an experienced landscape designer.

You should still be involved in the decision making process, even after hiring a pro. Since real estate agents are in constant contact with potential property buyers, you should consider asking for their thoughts as well. They can share with you, the reactions of buyers when they see different types of facades.

Putting It All Together

With inputs from all the sources listed above, you’ll be well able to make a good decision how to proceed with your landscaping project. If you’ve done your homework, then you should see a nice payoff as your home sells!

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