indoor plants

Indoor Plants

Those of us with green thumbs are having a difficult time with no growing things to plant and take care of outside. That’s why indoor plants can help relieve our boredom and keep us active – at least until spring opens up the outdoors again! Indoor plants offer many benefits. They help clean the air, and they improve the look of any room of the house. Fresh house plants blend with just about any décor as well. If you are new to growing plants indoors or you are an expert, the following choices are some of the best for the indoors. They are easy to care for and a pleasure to own.

Moth Orchid

This is a type of orchid and is one of the best choices for cleaning the air inside a home. Petals are white with fuchsia stripes. The buds are interesting in that they appear in clusters of five at the stem’s bottom. The buds open one at a time as the last one on top begins to open. When the flower blooms in the spring, it lasts between three and five months. The orchids like indirect sunlight.

Pony-Tail Palm

With an unusual appearance, most any gardener is compelled to make this a houseplant. The trunks store water and its leaves look like they are whipping out of the stems. It has an inherent capacity to hold water in its trunk so it can go a year before needing to be watered. To keep the plant indoors, let it dry before applying any water on it. It enjoys high light. It looks odd, but caring for it is easy. It grows to about 6 feet in height. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary aka Wire Vine It can reach over a foot and a half. It likes being moderately wet but not overly dry. Misting is best for it. It likes temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F. Spider mites find it attractive. Anytime they are spotted, they must be pulled out immediately. It loves indirect sun exposure and needs an all-purpose fertilizer each month to flourish.

Chinese Evergreen

This is easy to care for even for the first-time houseplant grower. It enjoys low light to keep its leaves dark green almost to the point of appearing silver. Before it is watered, let it become dry. If the temperature goes below 45 degrees, move it to a warmer spot. The plant can grow to three feet high. The shortest it grows is about 18 inches so it can accommodate most any space inside.


This is a plant that is an indoor hobbyists favorite. The ficus plant has green leaves and some grow to become braided in their appearance. This is what happens when four stems are intertwined. If four or more intertwine, they create a beautiful braid. It needs to be watered evenly so that its leaves will not fall off, and it can get as tall as about four feet. It will grow healthy when placed in indirect lighting.