landscaping to sell your home

Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Landscaping investments are a viable avenue of increasing the value of a home, and it has an ROI of 100% – 200% when done with the intent of selling the property; this is according to More and more homeowners appreciate the impact that landscaping, as an investment, has on the sale price of a home. It can also be one of the primary factors in the valuation of the landscaping assets in place. It is possible for landscaping to up the resale value of a home by nearly 15%; this is based on the findings of a research conducted by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association. Any home seller keen on making a profit from the sale of their property will consider the various options that they can enhance their yards and increase curb appeal to help maximize the sale price. Given the above facts, below are four expert tips on how to start landscaping your home to increase its market value.

1. Highlight Home Features With Landscaping

Having beautiful stone features in your patio and along the walkway is one way to attract potential buyers. But you can enhance their overall impact by employing strategic landscaping that makes them stand out. For instance, framing the walkway with flowers makes it more inviting drawing attention to the beautifully crafted stone details. Water features, potted plants, and pools can be an alluring addition especially when framed with colorful flowers, shrubs, and greenery.

2. Maintain The Health And Quality Of Your Yard

If your yard has an abundance of green grass, this speaks of a home that has healthy greenery. Keep in mind that the potential buyers will assess the health and quality of the lawn when viewing the property. Anything that is amiss, such as a drying out patch, is a sign of less than diligent maintenance. You can opt to hire professional landscapers to help treat the problem. But you can also try some simple things such as replanting or reseeding the areas and watering and adding fertilizers accordingly. Pruning and weeding are also essential in having a yard that looks vibrant. Allowing overgrowth make the place look coarse. By developing a maintenance schedule and bring in expert landscapers periodically, you can have the greenery looking its best throughout the year to ensure you maintain or improve the value of your property.

3. Add A Splash Of Color

Image is everything, how you present your home plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers and landing a fast and profitable sale. Regarding the presentation, you should strive to have it as professionally inviting as possible. Adding a splash of color is one of the landscaping tactics that can help achieve this objective. You can do this by planting different seasonal flowers in decorative baskets, handing pots, window boxes and add a flower bed. You can also create borders using ferns and other short shrubs.

4. Slash The Energy Bills With Strategic Tree Planting

When putting into account the significant role that plants play in landscaping, it is wise to pick what you wish to plant and where carefully. For instance, strategic positioning of trees can help lower the overall energy costs. For this, you should consider planting tree varieties that grow tall and will plenty of foliage which will offer shade and break strong winds. You can use such landscaping to demonstrate its impact in slashing the utility expenses in the home, which is a strong selling point.