lawn aeration

Lawn Aeration - How Does It Work And What Are The Benefits?

Have you ever wondered exactly how lawn aeration works? Many people have no idea what lawn aeration actually is or how it can help improve the health of your lawn. Lawn aeration simply involves adding air space to the top of your soil. This will allow for more oxygen to reach the root system, which promotes healthy root growth and helps to remove harmful elements such as weed seeds and algae from your lawn.

The Principles Of Lawn Aeration

The basic concept behind lawn aeration is simple, the soil underneath your lawn needs to breath. But just how can you achieve this? And when exactly should you aerate your lawn? Lawn care experts can answer these questions for you and educate you on the correct method of lawn care. So how can lawn aeration improve the health of your lawn in the first place? One way is through its introduction. The proper lawn aeration technique will add an air chamber, or core, underneath your lawn. This core aeration process is usually accomplished with a lawn aerator.

Core Aeration Is Key

Core aeration provides the soil underneath your lawn with extra oxygen. This helps the roots to get the nutrients they need, such as nitrogen, all throughout the growing season. However, if you aerate incorrectly with a lawn aerator or if you do not aerate at all, you may end up with an uneven lawn or a lawn thatch that will be very hard to get rid of. If you do not aerate, the roots of the grass will take the nitrogen from the soil and use it to feed the thatch on your lawn, causing even more damage.

For Lawn Aeration, Use An Aerator!

When you aerate properly with a lawn aerator, you will also enhance the health of your lawn. This is because lawn aeration actually stimulates the growth of healthy grass and helps the lawn take in more oxygen throughout the growing season. Healthy grass grows faster than thatch, which means that the lawn takes up more space on the earth for the growing season. In turn, this means that weeds are not able to grow underneath the lawn caretakers’ turf, thereby eliminating many of the issues that require frequent lawn care. An aerated lawn also has numerous other benefits. When you aerate properly, you remove existing weeds and dead leaves from the surface of the soil. This allows for better circulation of air within the soil. This, in turn, enables the grass to grow faster and healthier than weeds would on untreated soil. This leads to less water, and weeds do not have the cover they need to survive the wet seasons associated with winter and spring. Many people wonder if lawn aeration can be done without the use of a machine. This is not something to be concerned about at all. Even if you live in an area where you can’t rent a powered lawn aerator, you can still aerate your lawn by simply using a spade. If you have a larger area to aerate, it is recommended that you hire a landscaping company to do it for you. However, there are a few manual lawn aeration tools available to purchase in any local home improvement store, if you don’t want to use a machine.

Lawn Aeration Has Many Benefits

No matter what type of lawn aeration system you use, the final result will always be beneficial. You will be improving the look of your yard while also increasing the overall health of the lawn. The cost is significantly lower than other methods of lawn care. You will find yourself saving time and money, especially if you decide to hire a lawn aerator to perform the job. These are some of the most important reasons why lawn aeration should definitely be a part of your lawn care routine.