Moon Gardening

Moon gardening can be a way to help your garden. There’s a time to garden and a time not to – and this depends on where you live. If you attempt to plant your garden out of season, then you’ll either end up with a pitiful yield or the entire garden will flop.

Moon Gardening = Successful Garden?

There’s a better way to ensure that you grow a successful garden and that’s by using a technique known as moon gardening. While it might sound complicated, it’s actually an easy way to grow things.

Plan Your Garden On Moon Phases

You just plan your garden based on the phases of the moon. These phases have a gravitational pull that can determine the best growth of a plant. It works based on the moon’s different phases, which are also known as quarters. The total quarters of the moon are mapped out in an approximate 28 or 29 day cycle. This cycle is broken down into two quarters each. In quarters one and two, the moon does what’s known as waxing which means that when you look up in the sky, the moon looks fuller. That’s because the moon is changing according to its cycle. During this time, more light of the moon is seen on earth. The second two quarters of the moon is what’s known as the waning cycle. The light that was so full and bright during the first two quarters is now beginning to lessen. During these quarters, the gravity of earth is being affected. This causes plants to take in more water, which helps the plant grow. Plant Your Garden Based On Moon Phases But as the moon’s light is lessening during the second half of the lunar cycle, the part of the plant that’s below ground, or the root, is then benefited by the moon. What you have to do is to learn to plant your garden based on the moon quarters. If you want to plant crops that grow above the ground, then you’ll want to do it when the moon is in the first two stages. These types of crops grow best during this time. Any crop that’s a root based crop, such as potatoes, will grow the best during the second half of the moon’s phases. Each of the moon’s quarters has specific plants that grow the best. For example, you’d want to plant foods such as cabbage during the first phase. But you’d plant something like carrots during the third quarter. There are certain points during the moon’s cycle, known as the fourth quarter, that you want to avoid trying to grow something just like you would if you were following a regional planting plan. You can figure out what can be planted during which phase of the moon but you can also buy a moon planting guideline to help you get started.