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Ornamental Grasses

Gardeners who do not want to be as a slave to their garden and landscape work can now relax by adding tremendous color and beauty from one of the more popular garden plants, ornamental grasses.

This will be especially true if they are planning an upcoming fall landscape. One of the advantages of ornamental grasses for a fall landscape is that they will enhance the form and texture in any landscape design. In addition, ornamental grasses typically last throughout the fall and winter months.

It is important to note that the majority of ornamental grasses Incorporated into a fall landscape will thrive in almost any soil type – even the sandy soil found in Colorado Springs.

They will continue to look beautiful throughout the fall and winter until the overnight temperatures reach a low to mid 40°F.

As mentioned previously, ornamental grasses will be an excellent choice for a fall landscape. However, if you are located somewhere that has extreme weather conditions, it is always a good idea to do some research on which grasses will be the best for your particular location.

Blue Oat Ornamental Grass

There is no question about it, people who design a fall landscape will often choose one of the more popular ornamental grasses such as Blue Oak Grass.

From June throughout August, this popular attractive year-round ornamental grass will not only show off its densely blue colored foliage but it will also provide your landscape with beautiful flowers. Blue Oat Grass is fairly drought tolerant and only requires watering every one to two weeks. It thrives the best in moderate to mild climate temperature zones and will make an excellent choice for a winter landscape.

Fountain Ornamental Grass

Fountain Ornamental Grass is another preferred choice for many gardeners who choose ornamental grasses for their fall landscape. Throughout the year, Fountain Grass has beautiful green foliage.

During the fall, the foliage turns a golden yellow which adds colorful beauty to any fall landscape. At maturity, Fountain Grass grow between 12 and 36 inches tall. Remember also that this beautiful ornamental grass provides gorgeous white to purple flowers in the summer that can last until the early winter months.

Big Bluestem Ornamental Grass

Big Bluestem ornamental grass is a strikingly beautiful plant that can reach over 7 feet tall. This tall, prairie-like ornamental plant is ideal for a fall landscape. The flower blossoms arrive later in the summer or early fall during the time that the foliage transforms from a bluish-green to a brilliant orange.

During the winter months, the plant does not provide much character but it will quickly start to regrow in the springtime and by the early summer months it will be beautiful once again.

Feather Reed Ornamental Grass

If you are looking for a plant that grows between 3 to 5 feet at maturity, then the Feather Reed ornamental grass is a perfect medium-size plant to select. This attractive ornamental grass is an excellent choice for almost any climate zone. It is a year-round favorite for many garden landscapes.

Feather Reed grass may grow a bit smaller in locations that have an extremely warm climate. The mid-summer flowers blossom in a white/red color that will eventually change in the fall to beige color. This type of grass is extremely versatile and will typically withstand either a lot of shade or sun and excessive watering.