Colorado Springs Patios

As a homeowner, have you ever stopped to consider how long your home’s patio will last? Carefully designed and built patios can last for years and for this reason alone designing a new one involves careful thought. Design, material selection and construction by experienced Colorado Springs Landscapers who have been building beautiful Colorado Springs patios for years will be big factors in a successful, charming and durable patio that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Essential Components for a Stunning Patio Design

Patio design involves a number of different components, some of which are:


Not only should you design a patio that can withstand lots of foot traffic, but it also has to be able to survive the harshest of weather conditions.

Torrential rain, snow (with the associated freeze-thaw cycles), hail and heat from a hot July sun are but a few of the harsh weather conditions your patio should be designed to withstand.


There is a big variable in trying to determine what the patio will cost to build because no two patios are identical. Part of what will factor into the final cost of a patio are the type of materials you choose to build with, your yard conditions and the size and complexity of the patio you wish to construct.

Patios are no longer limited to small choices of building material, so now you can design a patio to suit the surrounding rather than making the surround fit with the patio. Common patio options in use currently are concrete, bricks, stone and pavers. However, within those materials are a huge variety of options and design. Choosing the main product to build with is not the end of your decision-making process. You will also need to choose contrasting materials to include in the build if this is part of your design.


You have a wide choice of attractive and durable materials to choose from when designing your new patio. When you carefully consider which building material to use, you will predetermine the life longevity of your patio. The most common failure of a patio is it failing when put under pressure, so intricate planning is required to make sure all components of the patio are up to the task.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to construction materials, and they are graded according to best use. The better the quality of the material, the more costly it is likely to be. A patio design is not the place to try and cut costs by using low-grade materials.

Concrete, flagstone, brick and patio pavers are some of the more common materials used in a good patio design.

Material Choices

When it comes to building a patio, you are spoiled for choice about what you can build it out of. Some of the more common choices for patio construction are:


This option often appears in outdoor settings. Concrete stands up well to being walked on daily, and it also can stand up very well against winter freezes. However, because plain concrete is rather dull to look at, choose to brighten it up by either coloring the concrete or having it stamped with a pattern.

Concrete is one of the cheapest patio build options so that you can get a good looking patio at a very reasonable price.


Homeowner purists who like to keep their property looking as close to nature as possible love the natural stone flagstone option. Flagstone is one of the few patio choices that you can make that will blend beautifully with the nature around it. Natural stone is another. Alternatively, you may wish to consider slate, limestone or bluestone.

But, bear in mind that flagstone is a relatively costly choice because it is not simple to lay. This means you will need some expert assistance to get your patio right if you’re installing flagstone yourself. Flagstone does not usually come in small, easily managed sizes, and you may need to make some cuts to the stones to fit your design for an attractive and durable installation.


You probably don’t have to look too far to find other houses with brick patios. If you are considering brick as a material choice, keep in mind that brick may not do too well in open-air settings and this means the upkeep of a brick patio can be time consuming and somewhat expensive.

Reason being is because bricks are usually made of a porous material, which means they will absorb water. When the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, this moisture that the bricks have absorbed can cause them to break apart. Broken bricks must be replaced which leads to an increase in your patio maintenance costs.


Pavers are becoming more liked for a patio setting because of the way they can easily be placed together. There is also an increasing variety of colors, shapes and sizes available for patio construction. Visit a few nicer homes in your area and you will likely find paver patios have been used to great effect.

A DIY Patio – A Mistake?

Despite your love of doing home projects yourself, patio design and building is one that professionals should do. An unleveled surface or incorrect drainage under the patio can cause it to fail quickly, and these are common mistakes made by do-it-yourselfers.

A professional landscaping company with patio design and building experience has access to the machinery and highly trained personnel needed to make sure the site is prepared exactly as is required.

A pro will also have the expert knowledge and capability to make sure the patio is put together in a timely fashion (getting the job done).

While it does cost a little more to have your patio designed and built by experts, we know that the superb results that we have seen over the years of building patios for Colorado Springs homes is definitely worth it.

And the delight on our clients’ faces when they see their brand-new, professionally designed and built patio is priceless!


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