Xeriscape in Colorado Springs

Colorado’s dry climate makes growing maintaining certain plants, trees, flowers and grass tricky. Xeriscaping is a landscaping solution many Colorado Spring’s homeowners have found to create a beautiful landscaped outdoor space while also saving time and money. With grass requiring significant water and care, xeriscape can reduce or eliminate high water bills while also maintaining aesthetics and improving home value, as well as quality of life and cutting the need for precious resources.


Xeriscaping is simply a form of landscaping that reduces the need for frequent watering. Many xeriscape plans replace other forms of landscape designs that require regular maintenance and lots of water and is therefore sometimes referred to as water-conserving landscaping or drought-tolerant landscape.

It is perfect for Colorado’s dry summers and cold winters.

It is true that Xeriscape landscaping used to be known for rocks, cactus and bushes, but it has grown into its own earth-friendly art form.

Xeriscape Uses Up To 2/3 Less Water

Using up to 2/3 less water than traditional landscaping with natural lawn, and requiring less chemicals and fertilizers, xeriscape is a great option for the environmentally cautious. Only requiring weeding and occasional mulching, xeriscape is also easier to care for. Aesthetically, xeriscape can include stones, walkways, bushes, trees, rock, mulch, and plants and can be used in place of grass lawn. Or in addition to a lawn, to create water savings, cost savings and still give a unique look and feel. Dried or burned grass patches due to pets, children or the environment can be replaced with artificial turf, a usable patio or play area, dog run, outdoor kitchen or even a fire pit.

Get a Xeriscape Landscape Plan

Your xeriscape landscaping plan begins as any of Four Seasons Landscaping plans do, a free assessment. We will review the space you are looking to have landscaped and will analyze the soil, the grade grade and more. We will discuss your goals and design ideas and then create a design plan that includes the plants and materials for your project. Your project may include a patio, trees, buses, plants, stone, artificial turf, mulch or more. We can discuss the types of plants and stones and other materials as well as why we are choosing them. We will create a master plan for you to understand the costs and timeline, as well as provide a visual drawing of the concept. Once approved, we can begin work and will instruct you on the proper maintenance of your new landscaping. All landscapes will require care, but xeriscape tends to require less than other types of planned landscaping. Give us a call today
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