springtime flowers

Spring Flowers

Winter can sometimes feel never ending, especially here in Colorado Springs this year. While March seems to be showing us some milder temperatures and less snow, is it about time to start planting some Spring flowers in the form of bulbs?

One of the best parts of Spring is the abundance of flowers. However, choosing the best Springtime flowers for your garden can be both overwhelming and confusing.

Bulbs, planted in the late fall or early winter, are a great way to ensure lovely Spring flowers. Of course, nurseries and big box stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart) and some top local nurseries like Phelan Gardens usually carry Spring plants, but, since Springtime weather can sometimes be fickle, you run the risk of freezing temperatures which will greatly damage the blooms.

To be safe, it is best to wait until there is no chance of freezing. And around these parts, that may not be until sometime in May, if past years are any indicator. And once you approach Summer, it is best to invest in Summer plants rather than Spring.

Nurseries will allow you to purchase bulbs that they have been growing in pots since the fall. You will find these in stock starting in February and March.

Below are some great options to plant now that will produce lovely Springtime colors and flowers:

The Winter Aconite or the Eranthis Hyemalis

These lovely yellow flowers average about 3 inches tall. They look very similar to a normal buttercup. Depending on your hardiness zone, these bulbs tend to bloom earlier than many others. Sometimes, even in January. It is recommended that you plant these bulbs in clumps because they do not grow very tall.

Glory of the Snow or the Chionodoxa Lucilare

These fun flowers are usually bright blue with a striking white center. These particular bulbs grow 6 inches to 10 inches talon average. This makes them a good choice for borders, walkways, and even between rocks. Some areas do sell these bulbs in a pink shade with the same white center.

Spring Snowflake or Leucojum Vernum

These bell-shaped flowers are known for their romantic drooping. They can grow up to one foot tall and are usually white with little green spots near the end of the petals. Again, you will see the most success if you plant these in masses. You will begin to see blooming as early as late February or early March. Like most bulbs, they do best when they are planted in the late fall or early winter. This bulb variety can easily be found potted at your local nursery.

Netted Iris or Iris Reticulate

These are one of the sweetest smelling flowers. They are most commonly a beautiful purple color but can also be found in various blues, whites, and even pinks. Irises are a very early bloomer and will be completely out and ready for you to enjoy in early March.

These particular bulbs do have the tendency to reproduce very quickly. So, it is recommended that after a few growing seasons, they be thinned out. Over-crowding can quickly prevent full growth. This tip should also be exercised with all bulbed plantings.