Stone Landscaping

Four Seasons Landscaping only uses high quality landscaping materials that will last for years to come, and that includes one of our specialties, stone landscaping. When considering landscaping hardscaping, it is important to consider the Colorado climate and environmental concerns. Four Seasons Landscaping knows how important it is to have a functional and beautiful outdoor space, and we prioritize adding value to the home with enjoyable and attractive landscaping.

Stone Landscaping in Colorado Springs

We also take the conservation of earth’s resources seriously, which is why we focus on products and landscaping design that honors and protects our natural resources. Four Seasons Landscape offers a variety of Stone Landscaping Design which includes:


Courtyards were traditionally used as meeting places between buildings. Today, they can create a space that joins areas in a shared space to gather. They can be open to space or offer a wall as a decorative touch.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living areas are very popular in climates with year round outdoor experience. Although Colorado may not be seen traditionally as such, we enjoy over 300 days of sunshine. We are known to have 60 degree plus days in the winter and can grill or enjoy a hot cocoa and roasted marshmallow almost any day of the year. Outdoor living areas capitalize on those days that invite us out to play.

Pond, Waterfalls and Water Features

Water features including waterfalls and ponds create a tranquil, natural space and/or focal point for any landscaping. As an addition to a garden space or patio, it brings in creative design elements for a truly unique art form in your home’s landscape.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls at the most basic add support and containment for soil and shrubbery. At their best, they become a functional space for multi-purpose outdoor space. They can address grading irregularities and truly change the shape and function of open-air areas.

Raised Gardens

Decorative raised gardens can add color and texture to landscaping. Proper drainage and a strong base are critical and our experienced professionals know exactly what to do to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Decorative Rock and Mulch Gardens

Decorative rock and mulch can help reduce erosion, reduce water usage and loss, and improve soil. They are typically used in xeriscape for these reasons and can become their own decorative garden that requires little maintenance.

Natural Stone, Timber and Block Walls

Several options are available for retaining wall materials including natural stone, timber and block. Blocks come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures. Natural stone will vary in shade, shape and style, to create a truly one of a kind look. Rustic and modern homes look great with timber retaining walls as they can add a natural design or a clean, geometric one.

Flagstone or Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete has a wow factor and is able to mimic several different types of stone, which makes it great for customizing to match your home or desired look. Flagstone patios have their own natural beauty and with a variety of shapes and finishes, they allow for more flexibility in design and patterns.

Flagstone Walkways and Stairs

Flagstone walkways, with or without stairs, add a striking and earthy look to any home’s landscaping. The whimsical designs allow them to follow curves and grades anywhere, and stairs help to address steep grading to make it easier to navigate.

Stamped Concrete Walkways and Stairs

When a flat, safe surface is required, stamped concrete and stairs are a perfect fit. The design will allow for the exact look desired and will create a sturdy walking or wheelchair path. With a variety of patterns, designs and colors, there is no need to have a boring entryway.


With the breathtaking views in Colorado, a deck is a crucial part of our living space. Let us help you create the deck of your dreams to enhance your outdoor quality of life. Imagine space to grill, enjoy nature or even a cup of coffee. This can all become a reality with a new deck from Four Seasons Landscaping.

Decorative Pavers

Decorative pavers can be used in conjunction with other materials or on their own. This versatility means they can fit in any unique space and have a rustic, European, or playful effect.

Fire Pits

Fire pits can be simple and natural or grand and elegant. Either way, they invite people to sit, relax and enjoy them all year long. Used as a focal point in your backyard landscaping design, they have a way of bringing loved ones together.

Erosion Control and Drainage

When rainwater isn’t draining properly, it can cause serious erosion issues. Proper erosion control measures, including proper grading and draining, can help. Through the use of soil testing, backfilling, drain spouts and more, we can help prevent erosion and problematic water drainage concerns.

Irrigation Systems

Proper irrigation systems are critical for healthy lawns and plants. We can design and install complete irrigation systems or add new zones to your current system to address new landscaping. We can offer repair and maintenance services and even sprinkler blow outs.
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