Great Tips For Controlling Weeds

Now that the rains have slowed in Colorado Springs, the weeds are starting to come out in full force. Getting rid of the weeds gets to be a top priority, and you do have some good choices. Here are some tips for controlling weeds.

One of the best ways you can make your lawn look appealing is by controlling weeds. That is because they slow down the growing process of your grass and plants by fighting for nutrients that are found in the soil. Therefore, if you want your grass and plants to flourish, then you might want to get rid of all the weeds that are growing around the lawn.

controlling weeds

Sometimes dealing with weeds can be overwhelming for homeowners as these unwanted plants grow around the year. Moreover, some of these weeds happen to be harmful such as poison ivy. Furthermore, others grow thorns and burrs that can easily hurt you if you are not careful when removing them. That is why you must remove such weeds when you spot them in your lawn.

Broadleaf Weeds And Grassy Weeds

Lawn weeds are categories into two groups. They are the grassy weeds and the broadleaf weeds. Moreover, tall fescue and crabgrass are considered to be grassy weeds while clover and dandelions are classified as broadleaf weeds. Identify the type of weeds growing in your lawn is important so that you can be able to determine which method is best to remove them.

When it comes to controlling weeds, you can either use a natural method or chemical solution to do this. Depending on the control strategy you choose to use, you can rely on both inorganic and organic method to prevent weeds from spreading. Below are some tips you can use to control weed in your lawn.

Pull Out The Weeds

You can get rid of all unwanted plants by pulling them out. This old method that might seem outdated, but it is highly effective. Furthermore, you do not need any special skills or tools to get the job done. All you have to do is get down on our knees, put on safety gloves and start pulling out any weeds that are growing in your lawn. However, when pulling out the unwanted plants make sure that you do not leave any small specimen behind otherwise the weeds will just grow back again.

Moreover, when it comes to removing weeds from your lawn, you should do it during the early morning hours. That is because the weather is cooler during this period and the ground is soft making it easy to remove weeds. If there are plenty of weeds in your lawn or garden, then you can make it a habit of removing weeds from your lawn regularly.

Mulch Around Plants And Natural Areas

Spreading mulch around plants and natural areas will help prevent weeds from growing and spreading. Furthermore, those that appear are easy to remove as long as you use organic mulch materials on our lawn such as decaying leaves. Other inorganic mulch materials may be effective but not environmentally friendly such as plastic.

Take Advantage Of Herbicides

You can also use herbicides or weed killers to keep your lawn free of unwanted plants. But, you also have to be aware of the fact that some of these chemicals are dangerous and you have to take caution when using them. Furthermore, if you do not apply them properly, you might end up damaging your grass as well as your precious plants. Therefore, make sure that weed killers you choose to use are safe to use around your family and plants.

Weeds will always grow back no matter how much effort you use in maintaining your lawn. Because of this reason, you should control weeds by removing them at an early stage before they spread. Moreover, you can hire an expert who can carry out this duty every week to keep the lawn free from weeds.

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