fertilize your lawn

Tips To Fertilize Your Lawn

If you’re trying to build up a green lush lawn, you’re going to have to consider ways to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer is an important part of a plan to encourage your lawn to grow lush and green. Choosing the right fertilizer will help to give your lawn the right color and growth so that it will be rich looking and thick. Let’s examine the main ingredients in a good fertilizer. Regular or standard fertilizer will have nitrogen, potash, and phosphate in it. A fertilizer that has the proper amounts of these ingredients will be vital to your success. The nitrogen encourages your lawn to grow quickly. It gives your lawn a darker color and it also helps to thicken the grass. However, don’t neglect the potash and the phosphate, they both play an integral part in your yard care as well when you fertilize your lawn. Lawns that are deficient in potash and phosphate yet have lots of nitrogen, will have too much top growth. This can cause the roots to stop growing and it can reduce the lawns capability to store vital nutrients.

Micronutrients Are Vitally Important

Balanced fertilizers include all of these ingredients in the right amounts for the proper . Micronutrients such as the minerals of iron, boron, zinc and manganese aren’t required in large quantities, however, they are required in order to have the lush lawn that you want. Your soil should already have a few of these micronutrients in it, however, adding in a few more can be important for the health of your lawn. You’ll want to provide the nutrients that your yard is deficient in for the right way to fertilize your lawn. To properly understand how much of the micronutrients you need to add in, you’re going to have to do a soil test. This will measure a number of nutrients in your yard. You can find these online or at your favorite nursery or you can simply send a soil sample to a lab for analysis. Of course, sending in a soil sample is the preferred method if you want the most accurate information. Unfortunately, sending in a soil sample is the most costly form of doing this.

Get Your Soil Tested

When you find out from the lab what your soil is missing, you’ll know the correct ratios to implement into your yard. Most results will have suggestions regarding what you need to add into your soil to amend it. Never apply too much fertilizer, this can burn your lawn and destroy it. Too much isn’t always a good thing. Plus, too much fertilizer can contaminate lakes and streams that are nearby as they run out of your yard. This could harm the ecosystem and cause even more damage. Always follow the fertilizer manufacturer’s instructions to a “t” when you fertilize your lawn

When To Fertilize

Generally speaking, the best time to fertilize your yard is about 30 days prior to the growth season. Fertilizer every 60 days thereafter. This way, your lawn will grow thick and healthy. Once you’ve established a thick and healthy lawn, you can enjoy the fact that the weeds are no longer growing in your yard. The stronger and healthier your yard the fewer weeds you’re going to have to deal with. Proper fertilization is the key to eliminating weeds. Fertilizing your lawn takes just a bit of planning and effort but the dividends can be tremendous.