Water Features

No matter what landscaping or other outdoor features surrounds your home, a soothing water feature is always a great idea. There are many options available on the market for a water feature to suit your personality.Budget, personal preference and taste as well as the area available are taken into consideration. Anther reason why water features are beneficial is because they tend to help other landscaping thrive.


For centuries, fountains have been very popular water features – maybe the most popular. Giant fountains with artistic sculptures and even small fountains that fit on the table top can be a popular choices. Fountains’ great popularity may be because they can easily fit into spaces that are small or awkwardly shaped. A lovely and artistic water feature be added to your outdoor environment with a fountain. Fountains can also perfectly reflect the decor of a home, add a lovely splash of color or even show off a fun or sophisticated personality that the owner may have.

Waterfalls and Ponds

Whether surrounded by nature or in an urban setting, waterfalls and ponds can add a natural aspect to your home. Because many homes in urban areas are compact and small, some believe that adding a waterfall is impossible. However with proper planning and the right landscaping contractor, it is quite possible to have a small waterfall that drops into a small pond, situated neatly in a compact urban yard. A pond can be placed above ground, in ground or even in a big pot. All a pond really needs it a proper pump that will filter the water all the way back up the waterfall. There are a variety of styles that can be chosen from that will fit in nicely with your design and suit the overall look you are going for. We have seen artsy waterfalls, Roman waterfalls, modern and even natural looking waterfalls built into a backyard. There is definitely a lovely waterfall and pond style that would fit perfectly in the outdoor space you have.

Water Features and Lighting

When considering outdoor water features, most people don’t think of the type of lighting that would highlight the installation. Quaint looking settings are made up with the perfect combination of lighting and water features. These are the ones that end up looking fabulous. To enhance waterfalls in the evening hours, choose back-lighting and combine them with spotlights on fountains, sculptures and rain chains. Lighting also adds a lovely splash of color that can change the overall mood of an outdoor area. Simply changing the colors of the bulbs can have quite an effect. For a fun and energetic aura added to your water feature, think about fiery tones of color. If your aim is a more relaxed atmosphere, tones such as violet, cool blue and green are ideal. A great way to add inviting and warm lighting, combined with relaxing water features, is the use of fire. Torches, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits add the perfect contrast to any water features you may add to your home.
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