aggressive weeds

Which Weeds Should You Treat More Aggressively?

Even though we’re heading into Fall here in Colorado Springs, learning about weed removal is a timeless topic, so we’ll give you the information now so you can be ready to go in the Spring!

Anyone who’s tried to keep a lawn looking nice knows that there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up to find a load of ugly weeds that have popped up overnight. These weeds can sometimes be damaging to your lawn, and in some cases, even to you.

You Need To Know What Weeds To Remove

In order to keep your lawn healthy, you need to know what weeds to take out and what weeds to let stick around a bit. One of the most annoying weeds that many have encountered is known as grass stickers, or burrs.

These are plants with sharp, painful thorns covering their seeds that get stuck in things that brush past them in hopes of spreading their seed elsewhere. You might’ve found these stuck on the bottom of your shoes or to the cuffs of your pants, and they can be painful to remove by hand.

In order to stop the spread of these, they must be uprooted and the seeds must be kept intact and disposed of. Another common weed to find in your yard is pigweed. They have little spiny-looking leaves, and can sprout up very quickly.

If you happen to find these, you might notice that things around it aren’t growing as well, and this is because pigweed sucks up moisture very fast. This means that your grass around it won’t be getting the nutrients it needs, and you’ll be left with dead or dry patches throughout your lawn.

In order to get rid of them, you need to use a small hoe and uproot them fully. Crabgrass is another commonly found weed in most people’s lawns. It’s that weed that never really grows tall, but does spread out down low, almost looking as if it’s been tapped down.

Regular Mowing Keeps Weeds Down

Fortunately, it’s easy to manage these, and you can simply keep them mowed down and they won’t spread. You can also uproot them if you’d prefer to keep your lawn more uniform if they stick out.

A common misconception when it comes to controlling weeds in general is that many people just mow over them and forget about them. All that will do is spread the seed around, and the plant you mowed over will sprout back up.

Some seeds can remain in the soil and won’t sprout for years, so by keeping your lawn growing and constantly healthy, your grass should keep any competition out. If and weeds have already made their way into your lawn, you need to fully remove them by the roots.