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Why Not Consider Synthetic Grass

The dream of every homeowner is to have a backyard that has a lush, green lawn. Nothing is better than spending quality time with friends and family on your own beautiful backyard lawn. Especially when you have worked so hard to grow a beautiful lawn. But, have you ever considered synthetic grass instead of natural grass? However, it takes a lot of hard work to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn. It can take years to complete this job. Planting the correct seed, watering often, trimming and mowing, watching out for seasonal changes, and numerous other things that are demanded by a healthy lawn. In other words, money and hard work is needed for a lush lawn. Even then, there are no guarantees!

Synthetic Grass Is Easy To Maintain

This and numerous factors led to the development of synthetic grass. As its name suggests, synthetic grass is a type of artificial surface that resembles natural green grass, without all of the maintenance and hard work that is needed for keeping your yard looking beautiful. Synthetic grass is a type of synthetic ground cover that is made out of man-made materials to provide the appearance of grass. Synthetic grass, or artificial turf, was formerly the turf for professional sports teams and has rapidly expanded to the private sector and is now cropping up in backyards and houses across the country. There are two main reasons why the popularity with homeowners has happened. One is that the quality of artificial grass has greatly improved since the 1990s and two, it also requires a lot less water and overall maintenance. This last reason alone makes synthetic grass great for cities and towns in the Western US that need to conserve water.

Advantages Of Synthetic Grass

There are many advantages that synthetic grass has compared to natural grass. • Does not need to be watered • No lawn mowing is necessary • Disease does not infect the turf • Cannot be chewed by dogs or other animals • Looks exactly like natural grass • May also be used indoors There are several changes that synthetic grass has undergone that have made it more functional, realistic, and durable for a number of uses. Using infill has changed how artificial grass feels when it is walked on and also helps the blades of grass to remain upright. Infill is comprised of small rubber granules that are in between the blades of artificial grass. This is a somewhat compact layer but there is cushioning as well. The granules allow water and liquid to permeated without blocking them from being able to completely drain through. Cushioning is important for the comfort of households that have pets and children. It is also critical when used as sports turf since it needs to withstand rough performance and play. Infill also helps to prevent athletes from becoming seriously injured.

Drainage Can Be A Problem With Natural Grass

It is absolutely necessary to deal with water drainage with natural lawns. The problem is automatically taken care of if enough direct sunlight is received by a lawn. If water on a natural lawn does not drain correctly, pools of water can turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes very quickly. That can be very dangerous for children and other members of your family. All of these problems are eliminated with synthetic grass.

So should you choose synthetic grass landscaping?

Before making a final decision, check out some projects that we have completed with synthetic grass. Take a walk in bare feet on an artificial lawn, touch it, photograph it, and compare these with natural grass. Cost is important as well and getting an overall feeling. The bottom line here is that today, where everyone is so pressed for resources and time, using synthetic grass around your business or home can be the best option to ensure that you have a great-looking lawn all year long. It will also ensure that you don’t have to spend extra time watering your lawn or plant grass seeds that do not always yield the results you are looking for. These issues are a thing of the past with synthetic grass and you can spend your free time enjoying your lawn rather than having to work hard to keep it maintained.