winter landscaping ideas

Winter Landscaping Ideas To Try Out

Old Man Winter is around the corner, however, this does not mean landscaping with style is impossible and that a dismal landscape for the entire winter is satisfactory. Designing a winter landscaping plan is similar to decorating a painting.

You must undertake comprehensive research of spring, summer and autumn landscaping concepts to determine landscaping ideas that can work and thrive during the winter season. Then, visualize what is attractive to the senses to act as a basis for your winter landscape.

Landscaping While Considering The Winter

Many people lay out the design of their landscape when considering only the growing months, fully overlooking winter conditions. For instance, lots of plants that thrive in the spring and summer and which are perennials can cheer up a winter landscape after flowers and foliage fall off due to the severe winter

One of the most common landscaping tasks during winter is to make sure there are adequate evergreens, holly trees that bear red berries, eucalyptus and hardy ivy plants that maintain their smooth green leaves, and trees that have a white winter bark all year round. With evergreens, opt for those with a myriad of different shades such as blue or silver spruce trees.


During the fall months, trees give very colorful foliage. Examples of excellent trees that provide good foliage during the fall include beech, maples, and dogwood. Beech trees retain their leaves for greater periods in comparison to other trees, while birch leaves blossom into a lively yellow color. Oaks are also preferred for their ability to hold leaves. Also, you can visit your local garden center to buy trees, most have recent hybrid trees that have numerous improvements and feature bright colored leaves. An added advantage of planting trees is that dropping leaves can rest on the ground below, thus covering exposed soil and eventually decomposing into fertilizer.

Spice Up the Colors in Your Garden

Mums might be one of the top plants to add color during fall. For ornamental improvements for the fall, several mums can provide bloom shapes and decorative colors. Normally, the blooms are in place for a few weeks, so they can uplift the general feel in your garden. Mums also take various forms, sizes, and colors, so search for landscaping concepts that will align with your current landscape.

Outdoor Planters

Another idea you can employ in landscaping is to utilize a huge outdoor planter that you fill with some kind of bottom filler like peat moss or chicken wire. Then, above it, arrange several gorgeous winter gourds or tiny pumpkins potted with winter blooms purchased from the nearby market.

Ready Existing Vegetation For Winter

Fall landscaping projects can be thrilling and interesting to undertake, however, the period preceding winter should not just be about adding new plants to your garden. You also need to ready the existing plants for the winter season. Fall is the opportune season to plant extra evergreen trees and shrubs, and other plants like garlic can also be put in the ground before winter. Also, if you have a pool built into the ground, it is crucial to cover it to prevent leaves from falling into it. Landscape lights need to be adjusted to give prominence to the major attributes of your garden, which may vary in the fall and winter.